It’s just like window shopping. You see a shirt on a manikin and you fall in love with it. You go in and buy it without carrying about the material, the sticking, the price, you don’t even try it on, maybe just look at the size.

Now you have it and you are happy!

Everything goes well until you go home and you find it doesn’t really fit or it’s not going with other clothes you have. It’s ok, you will make it work, because you love it!

After you wash it few times the color wears off and few buttons pop. Ironing it takes you more time than any other shirt you ever had. You start to think that maybe your first instinct wasn’t enough, beauty is not goodness, so you take the rational decision to give up and move on.

After this experience, will you ever fall for a shirt at first sight or you will try it on first and take the decision rationally?