Poke the box for Kindle was released by Seth Godin in a different way, through his newly launched project The Domino Project. So people could pre-order the book before it was released officially, before they could read any reviews, before hearing about it from people that already read it. The benefit was that you could get it for a much lower price then after release and you would get it instantly on your Kindle on release date. Which I did.

Though this happened quite some time ago, the moving to Bratislava and settling in kept me from going through the book. But now I finally did.

Poke the box is a manifesto, a motivational book that pushes you to start things. To take those ideas that you have in your mind, notebook or post-its and make it happen. It tells you not to be afraid or to pamper your ideas till it’s to late, but to initiate, to start something. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is good. Failing teaches you how to be better.

Bellow are my highlight of the book

Human nature is to need a map. If you’re brave enough to draw one, people will follow. […] Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them.

Soon is not as good as now.

I hope we can agree that there’s a moral obligation to be honest, to treat people with dignity and respect, and to help those in need.

Intellectual integrity goes beyond being clever—it requires that you put your ideas into the world.

We’re extremely adroit at hiding our fear. Most of our lives in public are spent papering over, rationalizing, and otherwise denying our fear. We go to war because we’re afraid, and we often go to spiritual events for the very same reason.

No one answers the phone accidentally. We don’t often stumble into a meeting by mistake, or read an e-mail message by chance. Most of what we do at work we do intentionally, with preparation or at least a bit of direct effort. Starting is like that. We can schedule for it. Thursday, April 3rd, 3:05… start something.

Poke the box is indeed a book you should get your hands on, this is why you can find it in the list of books I recommend reading, in the newly created section of my blog called Reading.