Few years ago, while I was a student, I had the chance to travel around Europe and meet a lot of people. At one point a Belgian girl that I met few times before finally had the courage to tell me something that she had on her mind. She told me: “You know, you don’t look Romanian“. I was surprised to hear that so I asked her what she meant. So she started telling me that I look more white than she knew that the Romanians look like, that I am smart, my English is very good, something that is was unexpected for her. It was clear with what kind of people she was mistaking me for.

Unfortunately, Romania is surrounded by misconceptions caused by the Gipsy minority that, as gipsies do, migrate to different countries where most often do bad things that later on are labeled as “done by Romanians”. They might not be the only ones that do bad things, as we like to say, there’s no forest without dead dry branches!

While bad things are usually more visible, the good things about Romanians are not the ones making the headlines. Therefore there are many good things about Romania that you might not know. So take a moment and watch this short story called “A World without Romania” and see why Romanians are smart, but not only smart.

This article is supporting the campaign “Românii sunt deștepți” (Romanians are smart) which is trying to change the negative suggestions from Google’s search for “romanians are…”. Smart, right?