I was mentioning this on Google+ and wanted to get a bit more into details.

Tablets entered our lives more visibly with the launch of the iPad. Tablets were around before, but people didn’t pay to much attention to it just because they were “not right”, they were missing what makes them valuable, which is apps. The iPad brought this concepts that changed a lot this market. But if you look at it, the apps with more impact are from the ~categories like: games, news and entertainment. If that is all we can do, then the iPad is not that marvelous, I have to say.

For me, technology has to have a bigger impact on our life than information and fun. I want to see tablets contributing to science, working habits and other things that really matter. Tablets now are seen too much as a toy and not enough as a tool.

Things need to change and they are, slowly. Soon the apps development companies will/should start to tackle different markets, the private or public sectors. Build apps that are not available in the AppStore, but only relevant to a closed group of people. The paper-free working environments (like the one embraced by Skype offices) now have a good ally that can top the laptops.

If I would want to get into apps development business, this is on what II would focus.